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Vegetable Braai Sprinkle

Here is a vegetable sprinkle to take your braai veggies from token to moreish!  Your vegetarian and vegan friends will really appreciate your effort and this is a really simple mix to have at hand.  Mix in a shaker if you have one or a small bowl and your fingers work will work just as well. Brush veggies with cooking quality olive oil and sprinkle with a mix of paprika, garlic salt or garlic flakes and crushed salt, ground cumin and a tad of cinnamon. Use it on any vegetables but it is especially great on squash and sweet potatoes.

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Recycling 101 - It doesn't have to be confusing

Refuse, reuse, reduce, recycle! When you cannot refuse, reuse or reduce - then you should try your best to recycle. Recycling can sometimes be a confusing process. What can be recycled? Do I need to rinse my recyclables? Is there a recycling service in my area? We have done the research and have compiled an easy to use recycling guide - because doing the right thing should be simple! ------------------------ Is there a recycling collection service in my area? Most cities and metropoles in South Africa have residential recycling services available.  Here are some of our favourite recycling services below: Regenize Recycling - Recycle via an innovative mobile app that rewards you for your recycling efforts. Find out more at  Abundance Recycling -  Cape Town and...

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Conscious Cleaning #01 | How to clean a burnt pot

To be conscious means to be aware of one's surroundings and to have knowledge of what you are doing. Another important element of consciousness is to slow down and to be mindful of the process. With our Conscious Cleaning blog post series, we will empower you to tackle the most troublesome problems in your home with some easy eco-friendly solutions - allowing you to slow down and leave the chemicals at the door. Our first challenge will be cleaning a burnt pot or pan. Let’s be honest - we’ve all burnt a pot. It happens. All it takes is a few moments of distraction for things to go wrong. ‘One festive season I borrowed a stainless steel pot from a...

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