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Spotlight on Expert Knitter, Colleen Babb

Colleen Babb spotted us on social media 5 years ago and called to see how she could get involved. We are so happy she did because this is just the kind of magic that makes Spaza products so special.  Having started her knitting career at the age of 7 years, Colleen has a lot of stitches behind her and she doesn't give up for anything so there are many more to come.

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The Dirt on Disposable Kitchen Sponges

The over-arching problem with disposable products made from oil-based materials like plastic and polyfoam is that we don't use them long enough to warrant the resources used, environmental damage caused and the time it takes to decompose. How long should you use something made from non-renewable resources like petroleum, that is not recyclable and takes 58 years to decompose? 

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Discovering Dish Covers

'I have never been a fan of plastic wrap, so I would cover all our dishes with tea towels while entertaining or preparing a meal for my family.’  The problem arose when I needed to bring a salad or dessert to someone else’s house, or if I wanted to keep a dish refrigerated.  I experimented with some tying and wrapping techniques that proved to be very bulky and fussy. What I really wanted was something light and breathable that would stretch around the sizes and shapes of my dishes. A lightbulb went on and I started making dish covers.   When I could no longer keep up with demand, I started looking for women who could sew in their homes....

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