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Cutting Room Cushions

Chair Cushions made from the offcuts from the cutting room floor are actually the invention of ladies sitting at sewing machines for hours on end everyday.

The cotton we use for our dish covers has been pre-washed so it is soft and by carefully layering the offcuts inside a cotton case we create a thin dense comfortable cushion. We then give it a big stitch through the centre to keep it stable.

Not only are we putting our waste to good use, we are creating a natural biodegradable cushion - free from polyester and microfibres.

The Cutting Room Cushions and the covers are sold separately so you can update your cushions whenever you need a change. First in a series of covers, I have made a very subtle geometric print in salmon, charcoal, navy, or fern green.

To begin with, they are available online or from our Johannesburg store in WORK | SHOP |  NEW | TOWN.

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