One of Spaza’s many products are fabric covers that go over food in dishes.  Spaza Dish Covers are sold to retailers and end users all over the world and made by women working from home and in skills development projects in Cape Town, South Africa.

Project Background:  Spaza is loved for its commitment to uplifting South African artists and crafts people. We strive to consistently inspire and delight our customers with beautiful prints that are as unique, contemporary and relevant as the dish cover itself. This project is to commission print artwork for our first Christmas Collection to debut at the famous House & Garden Spirit of Christmas Fair in London England in November 2019.

Target Audience: She is between the ages of 28 and 55. She is a super busy mom, working professional, entertainer, gift giver, as well as socially and environmentally aware. Shops at Yuppie Chef, Woolworths, Wellness Warehouse, Faithful to Nature.

Objective: To create a contemporary, non-denominational series of prints with a modern, sophisticated and happy feel.

Tone: Christmas, Festive Season, Modern, Contemporary, Universal.

Medium: Black and white illustration or high res digital graphic ready to be shot for screen.

How it Works:

  • Submit 1 A4 artwork pitch with a design sketch, color pallet  and 2 simple sentences describing your concept. You do this for free and it doesn’t cost you anything.

  • If your concept is selected, you will be asked to build out your idea into a series of prints in the sizes and shapes required for our products. Approximately 4- 6 layouts. You can reuse components of the print however each design needs to be unique. See our Protea Series to give you an idea. 

  • Midway through the project we will set up an appointment for a progress check in and to take your photo for a marketing campaign featuring you and your artwork. We will use this photo and blurb on social media, websites, in store, buyer catalogues. You are not paid separately for this. 

  • However you will be paid when you hand in your work on or before the deadline. Remuneration for our Christmas 2019 print series is R4500.

  • Do not pitch on this job if you struggle work to a deadline. You will be fined R500 for every day you are late. This will be heartbreaking for you and for us.


  • Pitch Deadline: 4 July 2019 2) Acceptance announcement: 11 July 2019

  • First check in and photo shoot 25 July 2019 4) Final handover by 22 August 2019

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