Spring Natural DIY Cleaner

Spring Natural DIY Cleaner

Citrus All Purpose Cleaner

This is such a nice simple recipe for making a natural all-purpose household cleaner. It requires no special ingredients, works great and is quick to make on the go.

We all have our reasons, but I started experimenting with DIY cleaning concoctions because I didn’t like all the plastic bottles that commercial cleaners resulted in. To add to that, I needed one for my floor, one for my toilet, another for my tiles, and a walk in pantry to keep it all in.  For some of us it is the expense, for others its the toxins that we inadvertently ingest or the chemicals that despite going through a water purification process, pollute our waterways, harming wildlife. Whatever your reason, enjoy experimenting and make natural DIY cleaners like this with your own personal touch.
You need 
A glass jar with a lid 
A spray bottle 

  • White Vinegar                                                              
  • Orange, grapefruit or lemon peals 
  • Essential oil: grapefruit, sweet orange, or lemon 


 Stuff a glass jar half full with citrus peals
 Fill the rest of the jar with white vinegar and close the lid 
Give it a shake and let steep for a few hours or overnight
Drain out the vinegar and double it with water in a spray bottle 
Add a few drops of your choice of essential oil 
Lemon juice and vinegar have anti-bacterial and anti-microorganism properties so use this all-purpose cleaner in the bathroom and the kitchen. 
Bathtubs, toilets, sinks, counters, tiles, showers, floors, everywhere! 
The longer it steeps, the stronger it gets but I suggest straining out the concentrate after 2 weeks and throwing away the citrus peals.

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