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Spaza Store Opening in Johannesburg!

Spaza is opening a permanent market stand in WORK | SHOP |  NEW | TOWN, a design and fashion retail space in Johannesburg's historical Newtown Junction on the 26th of November Curated by SOURCE founders Trevyn and Julian McGowan, who are also the curators of The Watershed, our home at the V&A Waterfront, this new local retail concept is in the redeveloped historical market called The Potato Shed. The Potato Shed built in 1911to store livestock, fruit and vegetables. In good company there is a heritage restaurant and craft brewery by Maira and John Koutsoudakis of LIFE Group of Companies and LIFE Grand Cafe and the Gentleman's Arthouse, a artisan cocktail bar. For more information on WORK | SHOP |...

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New Collections

I am so exciting to start introducing our new colors and prints that will carry through for the next year or so. As the current stocks run out they will be replaced with the new series. I’ll be sure to announce and post pictures on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter as the new designs come available. Here is a sneak preview of our Protea Printed Dish Cover Set. Follow along: Instagram   Facebook   Twitter Price Increases I really strive to keep our prices affordable so I have looked carefully at each product and made adjustments where needed, avoiding the traditional 10% increase across the board. My belief is that consuming responsibly shouldn’t be an elitist movement and with a bit of innovative...

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South Africa Heritage Day Salad Hero

3 Heritage Day Salad Dressing Ideas Good of you to volunteer to make the salad for this week’s Heritage Day Braai! With so many great mixed leaf salad options available, one could simply make the salad dressing the hero.   Here is a bit of inspiration.  Feta Herb Salad Sauce Throw everything in a glass jar with an opening big enough for a stick blender. Blend and seal. Keep in the fridge for up to a week. 1 ½ rounds herb feta cheese ¾ cup cream 4 tbsp apple cider vinegar 2 tbsp olive oil ground salt and black pepper Add a tad of milk or water to get the consistency you like. Mine is always more of a sauce then...

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Spring Natural DIY Cleaner

Citrus All-Purpose Cleaner This is such a nice simple recipe for making a natural all-purpose household cleaner. It requires no special ingredients, works great and is quick to make on the go.   We all have our reasons, but I started experimenting with DIY cleaning concoctions because I didn’t like all the plastic bottles that commercial cleaners resulted in. To add to that, I needed one for my floor, one for my toilet, another for my tiles, and a walk-in pantry to keep it all in.  For some of us, it is the expense, for others its the toxins that we inadvertently ingest or the chemicals that despite going through a water purification process, pollute our waterways, harming wildlife. Whatever your reason,...

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The Making of an Eco-Friendly Kitchen Cloth

It was a good kitchen cloth I was after. I thought about it many times a day. In fact, every time I reached for a cloth to wipe something up. I wanted an alternative to the non-biodegradable micro-fiber cloth made from petroleum based products and shipped in from China.  Something natural that worked well - how hard could it be? Then in 2009, on a visit home to Canada I was reminded that the cloths we used growing up had been hand-knit either by my grandmother, or my mom or picked up at the flee market.  This is the story of The Posh South African Kitchen Lappie. Hand-Knit Production Creates Home-Based Employment My grandmother knit a prototype that I brought back...

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